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Holding Tanks

Our holding tanks can take up to
3000 g of wastewater.


Treatment Plants

Our portable treatment plants are
for oilfield camps, recreational
camps, and more.


The Bead Recovery System

Our patented system offers increased efficiency to your worksite.

Bead Recovery System & Treatment Plant Transportation in Grande Prairie and Beyond

At XLT Energy Rentals, we believe in exceptional service. We deal honestly and fairly with our partners and clients. XLT Energy Rentals offers you an innovative sewer and wastewater system that is portable, quick to set up, and customized to meet your specific requirements. Our team is proud to provide holding tank and treatment plant transportation in Grande Prairie, as well as throughout Alberta and British Columbia. XLT Energy Rentals rents portable, enclosed heated sewage treatment plants and heated sewage holding tanks designed for use by remote camps. All units and tanks are self-contained, insulated and heated, providing year-round serviceability.


Our professionals have the experience and expertise to help you reuse drilling beads in an effective manner with our novel bead recovery system. Bead recovery can be used in various applications, including excessive casing wear, underbalanced formations, lack of weight at the BHA, and more. At XLT Energy Rentals, our bead recovery system will work with any brand of bead, making the process simpler and efficient.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

At XLT Energy Rentals, we offer containerized waste water treatment plant rental for remote locations such as camps, car/truck washing, and construction sites. The systems are fully transportable and can be installed within a day. They also make use of the aeration technology to maintain aerobic conditions and protect the environment.


With our patented (CA #289117) bead recovery system is a truly innovative piece of technology, allowing you to reuse drilling beads with more efficiency and less waste. It can double as an invert dryer and works with every brand of bead. It is designed with safety as the top priority.

Our bead recovery system will help you meet the industry requirements for safety guidelines. At XLT Energy Rentals, we will help you choose the right beads based on the drilling requirements.

About Our Company

Our company has been serving Alberta and British Columbia since 2011. We were founded by Mark Loos. We are most proud of our service in a time where consistent excellent service is so rare. The fleet of equipment is also quite new and reliable. We have a patented system for the separation and re-usage of drilling beads used in directional drilling.

Contact us today to book your holding tank, treatment plant, or bead recovery system rental.


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