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Our Bead Recovery System for Grande Prairie and the Surrounding Areas

Reuse drilling beads even more effectively with our bead recovery system. We serve Western Canada . Our patented (CA #289117) bead recovery system is an open loop system that, compared to the competition:

Is more compact; easier to mobilize/demobilize

Has shorter rig-up times with its reduced plumbing

Is more environmentally friendly with its reduced plumbing, and spill contained pumps

Is designed for safety with its low-profile footprint

Doubles as an invert dryer

Works with any brand of bead

Replaces the existing shale bin


The applications for our bead recovery include:

Areas you are encountering torque and drag

Excessive casing wear

Lack of weight at the BHA

Potential for differential sticking

Underbalanced formations

bru 2.jpg



Achieving effective concentration of beads down-hole, usually 2-6 lb./bbl. depending on issues, can be done quickly and maintained easily by using  XLT Energy Rentals’ bead recovery system. By adding and maintaining drilling beads this will allow the pipe to move with less friction & reduce wear on collars, therefore improving ROP and increasing your weight on bit.



Without a recovery unit, the majority of the beads will be removed after a circulation over the rig shakers. Using the Bead Recovery System, the cuttings and beads from the rig shaker are transported over our shaker where large material and waste is separated from smaller shale, beads and drilling fluid. The drilling fluid, shale, and beads are then circulated through 2 quick adjusting hydro cyclones where more shale is separated and discharged out and over 3, 150-200 mesh screens into our shale bin. The clean beads and fluid are then pumped through a 2” hose back to the rig suction tank.

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The advantages of our novel bead recovery system include:

More compact

Cost for mob and demob is cut in half

Environmental impact reduced with plumbing and spill containment pumps

Replaces existing shale bin (has one included)

Meets strict industry guidelines for safety

Low profile footprint

Doubles as an invert dryer

Works with all drilling beads

Minimal personnel requirement

Quick screen changes

Choosing Drilling Beads

Depending on drilling issues, choosing the right beads is of utmost importance. We have had success and a good working relationship with a select few mud companies and their products.

Contact us today if you would like to use our bead recovery system.

Reuse Beads with Efficiency

Rent our novel bead recovery system today.

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